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Logo Design for Travel and Hotel

A hotel logo design is more than just an image. It’s an opportunity to express your hotel’s identity or showcase a unique quality of your brand. While your logo doesn’t define what your company is about, it’s important to have a unique and attractive symbol that customers will recognize and recall.

Recognition, as you already know by now, is something every hotel works hard to build and maintain. Peak 14 Media in Denver designs a custom logo for your hotel, whether it’s for your website, novelties, or other applications.

  • Professional – we create logos based on the foundation of the brand. Our designers will work with you closely and discuss every element of your logo, from the color palette, layout, images, to the size, to create a professional image of your hotel.
  • Memorable – we love using the vector format because of its versatility. No matter the medium, vector designs look clean and memorable, and more importantly, they have artistic value. Be it bold or subtle, simple or elegant, abstract or realistic, our hospitality logo designs ensure the effective delivery of your message in an unforgettable way.
  • Unique – a logo’s purpose is to differentiate a business from the rest. In the hospitality industry, the logo performs a huge part in attracting customers. Our talented designers will make sure your hotel logos are first-class and entirely unique.

We approach each logo design for hotels in Denver very uniquely and execute it after a thorough analysis of a company’s plans and ideas. All of our custom logo designs are created with final production in mind. It’s ready to go for web or print use, or for your signage on the side of a building!

A hotel logo idea or design may not define your business, but a unique and attractive design will surely make a thousand heads turn and enhance brand recall. Call Peak 14 Media today and let your brand image speak for itself.

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